ActivLash Review

ActivLash is an eyelash enhancer that is designed to give you big full beautiful lashes in just 2 weeks. Take a look at the ingredient quality below to see if ActivLash could be the eyelash enhancer that you are looking for.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredient quality of ActivLash is good. There are vitamins that will nourish your eyelid and prime it for healthy hair growth. There are also some proven ingredients like the ones below.

Panthenol – This coats your eyelash to lock in moisture. The moisture helps to increase the flexibility and durability of your hair which will help to prevent breakage. This ingredient will also offer protection from irritation and will work to soothe your eyelid skin.

Ginko Biloba – This is effective at stimulating the collagen in your eyelid. This will help to rejuvenate the skin.

Green Tea Extract – Green tea is high in powerful antioxidants which are known to help prevent cellular damage. Cellular damage is the cause of aging signs like loss or thinning of hair. It will help to prevent the weakening of your lashes so that they can grow long and strong.

Grape Seed Extract – This ingredient is effective for promoting hair growth. It does this by suppressing a hormone which inhibits hair growth.

Customer Feedback

“My eyelashes were short, straight and sparse. I started noticing a difference in the appearance of my lashes after 7 days of application. I love the product!!! It almost looks like I have black eyeliner on because my lashes seem thicker – on top and bottom. Also, my lashes now curl naturally and I hardly need mascara anymore. I would greatly recommend this product to all my friends. I will continue to use this product with great satisfaction. Thank you ActivLash!”

“This product is clear, but it somehow defines the lashes and – I know this is my imagination because it doesn’t contain any ingredients that would do this – I swear it also makes my lashes look a bit longer. It’s the damnedest thing, really, because this stuff actually gives me the natural and healthy, but still defined, look that I’ve always wanted from a traditional mascara.”

“I used the product because one of my friends had great results! and now i am so happy! whoever sees me compliments me on the lashes! Thank you”

Is ActivLash Safe?

ActivLash is safe and will not cause your skin irritation. It does not contain any ingredients that will change the color of your eye so blue and hazel eyed people are safe to use ActivLash. If you have any irritation you should stop using ActivLash immediately.

Does ActivLash Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

ActivLash offers a wonderful 60 day money back guarantee which allows you to test the eyelash enhancer for the full length of time that it is supposed to work for.

Overall Value

The overall value of ActivLash eyelash enhancer is high. The ingredients are high quality. It is a bit expensive at $130 but the 60 day money back guarantee gives you something to fall back on.

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