Adonia LashAlive Review

Adonia LashAlive is an eyelash enhancer that claims to grow your lashes stronger, longer and thicker. Check out the ingredient quality to find out what kind of benefits  Adonia LashAlive has to offer.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients in Adonia LashAlive are organic and all natural. They will work to nourish your skin to provide a good environment for healthy hair growth. Here are some of the key ingredients.

Organic Cedarwood – This works to strengthen your hair and promote growth by detoxifying the scalp and root.

Organic Clary Sage – This ingredient will help to prevent irritation to your skin.

Organic Eucalyptus – This ingredient offers anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits which is good for growth.

Organic Lemongrass – This will help improve the overall quality, smoothness and texture of your hair.

Consumer Satisfaction

Most of the customers are happy with the results that they saw from their use of Adonia LashAlive. However, there are a few customers that had the opposite sentiments.

“My aunt was given this serum for her eyelashes for her birthday. She isn’t much of a beauty guru so she didn’t try it. I decided to give it a try. I am 27 years old and my eyelashes are not very long but not super short either. I once a day after washing my face and makeup off. After only 1 week of use I noticed a difference! My eyelashes seemed fuller and longer! I am in love with this stuff! Now after about 1 month of use I can even wear no mascara and my eyes look nice! This stuff really works!”

“I know this is anecdotal, and I don’t know anyone else who tried Lash Alive so I can’t include other experiences. I started using this in early February, as per instructions, and still see no difference at all in my lash length or thickness or quantity in September. I was fully aware that it was unlikely to work, but I’ve bought another product from Athena that I liked, so I thought I would give this a try. I would think 6 months should be sufficient to know whether this product works, and the bottom line for me is, if it sounds highly unlikely that something like this works, it’s because it doesn’t. It’s an expensive lesson to relearn (I paid $117), but I suppose some of us make mistakes like these our whole lives! Wishful thinking doesn’t make lashes grow.”

Is Adonia LashAlive Safe?

Adonia LashAlive is safe and will not harm your eyelid or change the color of your eye. If you have any irritation you should stop using it.

Does Adonia LashAlive Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Adonia LashAlive has a 60 day money back guarantee which gives you plenty of time to try the eyelash enhancer.

Overall Value

The overall value of Adonia LashAlive is very good. The price is only $60 and there is a good money back guarantee to fall back on if it does not work for you. Adonia LashAlive seems like it could be the eyelash enhancer you are looking for.

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