AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden Review

Not everyone is born with beautiful lashes, in fact most people have short, brittle and thin lashes. This is why products like mascara and eyelash curlers are so popular. Some people even resort to using false lashes. AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden claims to be able to grow lashes that you will not have to bulk up with false eyelashes or tons of makeup.

AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden is an eyelash enhancer that will supposedly help you to grow healthy, strong, thick and long lashes in just 14 days. Most eyelash enhancers take that long to begin working and then at least another 2 weeks to see full results. To see if AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden can live up to the promise of beautiful lashes in just 2 weeks, take a look at the ingredient quality.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredient quality of AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden is not particularly impressive. There are not many proven ingredients. The ingredients that are proven are not extremely effective lash growers. A lot of common effective ingredients are missing from the mix. Below you will find descriptions of the proven ingredients in the AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden formula.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate – This is a helpful ingredient because it works in two beneficial ways. It acts as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce irritation. It also stimulates the production of collagen which gives your hair strength and structure.

Amino Acids- Amino acids are the building blocks for protein and for healthy hair.  It will help to add strength and thickness to your lashes.

Disodium EDTA – This ingredient will help to thicken your lashes.

Phenoxyethanol – This is used as an anti-bacterial in many cosmetics but it also comes with some possible side effects. Check the safety section for more information.

Is AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden Safe?

AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden has mostly safe ingredients however one of them comes with an FDA warning. The FDA warns that Phenoxyethanol can depress your central nervous system and also cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Does AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden does not have a money back guarantee and also appears to no longer be for sale.

Overall Value

The overall value of AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden  is not very high which is why it is probably no longer on the market. The ingredients are not impressive as effective eyelash growth simulators. The formula also contains an ingredient that comes with an FDA warning. If AminoGenesis Long and Strong Lash Garden  was an effective eyelash enhancer, it would still be for sale.

I suggest looking for an eyelash enhancer that offers a solid ingredient profile that is made up of proven hair growth simulators and moisturizers. The formula should also contain nutriments and minerals that will prime your eyelid skin for hair growth. Your eyelash enhancer should come with a solid money back guarantee and no side effects.

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