B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier Review

As you age, your eyes lose some of their vitality and sparkle. I think a lot of this is due to loss of eyelashes. They can become brittle and short which can deprive your eyes of a lot of their expressive qualities. B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier is an eyelash enhancer that is intended to help you regain your full, strong and thick lashes.

To find out if B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier is the right eyelash enhancer for you, take a look below at the ingredient quality, safety information and if they offer a money back guarantee.

Ingredient Quality

Ginseng- This contains powerful antioxidants which will fight free radicals to prevent signs of aging such as easily broken lashes. It is good for conditioning and moisturizing your hair follicles.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein – This ingredient is known to provide strength and nourishment to you eyelashes by increasing moisture.

Zinc Gluconate – This is important for collagen formation. It plays a key role in protein synthesis and can also soothe your skin and roots.

Butylene Glycol – This will provide moisture for your skin which will allow your hair follicle to also hold more hydration.

Biotinoyl Tripeptide – This will help to restore your dull and dry hair that is on your eyelids. It will help to revitalize your brittle short lashes.

Phospolipids – This can re-moisturize your skin.

Vitamin E – This can help to fight free radicals to prevent cellular damage as well as UV damage to your hair. It also provides moisture for your skin and hair.

Panthenol – This is an important moisturizer which can drastically improve the amount of water that your eyelashes can hold. This will strengthen your hairs and give them a shiner thicker appearance.

Caprylyl Glycol – This has antimicrobial properties and works to moisturize your skin and hair.

Is B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier Safe?

B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier is safe and is all natural. Just because an eyelash enhancer is all natural does not mean that your body can handle all of the ingredients. B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier is designed to not irritate your skin so if you experience any irritation you should contact your doctor.

Does B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier does not have a money back guarantee. This eyelash enhancer costs about $90 which is a lot to spend when it is not guaranteed.

Overall Value

The overall value of B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier is in the middle of the road. They offer good ingredients that will probably help to bring your eyelash vitality back but I had to go to another website in order to find out these ingredients. The price is much too high to not have a money back guaranttee.

I suggest shopping around before you decide that B.Kamins, Chemist Eyelash Fortifier is the eyelash enhancer for you. Try to find another one that will offer you a money back guarantee for at least 30 days so that you can try it risk free.

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