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When I think about the publics need for eyebrow enhancers I am reminded of a story from my college days. It was an especially late Saturday night and everyone was in proper Saturday night form. There was a particular fellow that my friends and I were constantly egging on to do silly things, which he almost always did.
On this particular night, we got in our heads that it would be funny if he shaved his eyebrows to look like Vanilla Ice. After a lot of tactical persistence by my friends and I, we convinced poor RJ that it would be really super neat to look like Vanilla Ice and all the girls would think it was funny and most importantly, cool.

Unfourtunatly, RJ lacked the physical coordination to do the job correctly and ended up obliterating his eyebrows. He did not look so great for the next couple of months. RJ could have benefited greatly from the use of an eyebrow enhancer. Bamboo Brow claims to be the natural eyebrow enhancement choice that will not irritate your skin.

Bamboo Brow promises to promote growth of thicker and darker eyebrows. You do not have to be the victim of silly peer pressure in order for Bamboo Brow to be right for you. If your eyebrows are unsatisfactory for any reason you should look at the ingredients below to see if you could benefit from the use of Bamboo Brow.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredient quality of Bamboo Brow is so so. The ingredients are all natural and most are botanical extracts that are thought to prime your eyebrow for healthy hair growth. The amount of proven ingredients is not overwhelming but there are some. Read below for their specific benefits.

Panthenol – This ingredient is a common component in eyebrow and eyelash enhancers because it effectively enhances flexibility and durability of the hair. It creates a coat around the hair which locks in moisture. This ingredient also works to soothe your skin and protect you from irritation.

Butylene Glycol – This ingredient is proven to promote growth of thick and strong hair.

Keratin Growth Factor – This stimulates the production of a protein called keratin. Keratin is key building block for hair growth.

Is Bamboo Brow Safe?

Bamboo Brow is safe and will not irritate your skin. It actually offers ingredients that will help to soothe and moisturize your skin.

Does Bamboo Brow Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Bamboo Brow does not offer a money back guarantee. It cost about $77 which is a lot to ask when there is no guarantee.

Overall Value

The overall value of Bamboo Brow fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. There are some proven ingredients that are known to stimulate healthy hair growth and the formula is all natural and safe. However, the high price coupled with the lack of a money back guarantee lowers the overall value. I suggest looking for an eyebrow enhancer that guarantees your purchase or cost less.

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