KiwiFox Foxy Lash Review

KiwiFox Foxy Lash is an eyelash enhancer that claims to be one of the best for growing strong, long and thick lashes. To see if this could be true, we should check out the ingredient quality.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients of KiwiFox Foxy Lash are not on the official website and I could not find them elsewhere. This is never a good sign and usually means that the formula is not impressive enough to want to tout.

Eyelash enhancers are notorious for containing irritating and problematic ingredients. One of the most common ingredients that you should watch out for is Prostaglandin. It can cause a darkening of your eyelids and or eye color. If you have light eyes that are blue or hazel, it could completely change your eye color.

Without the ingredients we have no way to determine the quality of the KiwiFox Foxy Lash formula. It could be water for all we know.

Customer Satisfaction

KiwiFox Foxy Lash seems to have a lot of happy customers. However, the only reviews that are online are from the official KiwiFox website so they should be taken with a grain of salt.

“I absolutely LOVE what FoxyLash has done for my eyelashes! I started to notice a difference after just the first week! I am definitely recommending to all of my friends!”

“I feel so much better about going out of the house without makeup on now! I once had lash extensions put in and because of the glue used, I was left with bald spots in my lashes…after using this for only 3 weeks, not only are my lashes longer, but they have filled in and look better than ever! Thank You KiwiFox!!”

“I heard about FoxyLash on the radio and couldn’t believe that any product would do what you claimed it could do…but just look at my lashes! My co-workers started noticing a difference in my lashes after the first 2 weeks and now I don’t even feel like I need to wear mascara when I go out!”

Is KiwiFox Foxy Lash Safe?

The ingredients of KiwiFox Foxy Lash are a mystery. For this reason the safety information is also a mystery.

By looking at the before and after pictures on the website, I will make a guess that the formula contains the eyelid and eye color changing ingredient of Prostaglandin. If you look at the after photos, the eyelids look much darker. Prostaglandin has also been reported to cause hair growth through the cheek in some users.

Does KiwiFox Foxy Lash Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee for KiwiFox Foxy Lash which at this point is not a big surprise.

Overall Value

The overall value of KiwiFox Foxy Lash is quite low. The only evidence that KiwiFox gives that KiwiFox Foxy Lash is an effective eyelash enhancer is the customer feedback which is not very reliable or fact base. There is no money back guarantee and the ingredients are hidden. I would not spend $60 on this eyelash enhancer.

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