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For those that naturally have short or brittle lashes or those that have lost their eyelashes for some reason, there are solutions. LiLash is an eyelash enhancer that will help to enhance the overall beauty of your eyelashes. I once lost my eyelashes. I will tell the story for both entertainment and educational purposes.

I was attempting to get the coals lit in a Hibachi BBQ using lighter fluid. I learned the valuable lesson that you are not supposed to squirt lighter fluid on coals that are hot but not on fire. Because there is no fire to light the fluid, it turns into a vapor instead. I did not know this and had to learn the hard way.

When I went to light the coals a huge fire ball exploded in my face. I lost almost all of my eyelashes but was not badly hurt. This is a serious matter; there should really be a Public service announcement. Anyhow, if I had LiLash I would not have had to wait the 2 – 3 months that it took to get my eyelashes back..

LiLash works to give you results in just days and maximum results in 3 weeks. This is less than half of the time that other eyelash enhancers take. The formula is designed to give you growth of thick beautiful lashes.

You do not have to be the victim of your own ignorance in order for LiLash to be right for you. If you are not happy with the quality of your lashes, LiLash is for you. Check out the ingredients to see how LiLash will benefit you.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredient quality is solid for the LiLash formula. You will see fast results of thicker and longer lashes if you use this formula as directed.

Panthenol – This works to coat your eyelash to lock in moisture. Moisturizing your eyelash will enhance the flexibility and durability of the lash, preventing breakage. It also works to soothe any irritation that may be caused by some of the other ingredients.

Glycerin – This ingredient works to improve the smoothness and to draw moisture up through your skin layers. It is also effective in preventing and slowing down the drying out of your eyelashes.

Phenoxyethano – This is an anti-bacterial that will keep your skin and eyelashes clean and bacteria free.

Is LiLash Safe?

LiLash is safe for the most part. The ingredient of Phenoxyethano may cause some irritation.

It is okay for those that use contacts but it is not meant to get in your eye so make sure you follow the directions in order to avoid contact with your eye.

Does LiLash Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

LiLash offers a 90 day money back guarantee which is pretty much as good as it gets.

Overall Value

LiLash cost about $140 which is not too much to pay for the kind of quality ingredients that this best eyelash enhancer has to offer. There is also a top notch money back guarantee which allows you to try LiLash completely risk free.

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