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MetaLash Review

The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of the face, and many people like to draw attention to theirs by enhancing their lashes. MetaLash is an enhancement serum which promises fuller and even longer lashes in a short period of use. [1]

The manufacturer goes as far as listing all the ingredients, including basic water, to show the complexity of the innovative mixture. While some products hide the ingredients in proprietary blends, finding what’s inside MetaLash is as easy as looking at their website. All the listed ingredients are currently in the limelight with some studies showing promise.

Evaluating the Ingredients

KGF (rh-Polypeptide-3)

As a specialized protein, KGF boasts “194 amino acids.” Proteins aid in rebuilding broken down tissues such as repairing muscles after a workout. KGF in particular is derived from a gene which holds a “Keratinocyte Growth Factor.” The manufacturer uses this ingredient to claim higher keratin production levels in the lashes themselves. Although KGF is associated with a growth factor, more studies are necessary to fully prove lash growth acceleration. [2]


This ingredient is also known as vitamin H or B7. When people are deficient in natural biotin within their diet, a common side effect is thinning hair. MetaLash’s manufacturer possibly added biotin into the mixture based on its supposed enhancement of hair growth.

However, studies don’t support an increase in hair growth with the direct effects of biotin. More tests must be conducted on this natural bodily substance. [3]


As a substance far down MetaLash’s ingredient list, Allantoin actually has some valid scientific data suggesting its positive results with skin and hair. It’s typically used in lotions to soothe dry skin for long-term relief.

MetaLash’s manufacturer claims it soothes the lashes for a healthier look. Based on qualified studies, Allantoin does perform well as an effective moisturizer. [4]

Sympeptide 226EL

This specialized peptide is a mixture of amino and fatty acids, creating a supposedly absorptive substance to stimulate lash growth. In fact, the manufacturer states it “supports the production of Keratin” to grow those long lashes. Sympeptide 226EL has an award for its innovative properties, but there is still no hard or widespread evidence supporting its successful use. [3]


Studies show panthenol is effective in keeping skin hydrated for a relatively long time. MetaLash’s manufacturer states it “nourishes eyelashes” for a stronger shaft. Although panthenol does moisturize, it’s difficult to say if it stops lash breakage directly.

Moisture does add more flexibility to the lashes, giving the consumer the subjective feeling of longer and stronger eyelashes. [6] [7]

Is the Manufacturer Trustworthy?

Under the maker’s “Terms of Use,” you’ll find the company name for MetaLash is simply the website address. This fact is concerning because this site is the main communication channel for consumers.

However, they do offer a toll-free phone number and a contact page for any questions. The website promises a “live chat”, which is more than other sites offer for similar products.

What if I’m not Satisfied?

Unlike other products, MetaLash is backed a “90-day money back guarantee.” Essentially, they’ll give you your money back for all bottles purchased. You could use the product for 1 month and return it without paying a penny.

However, only 1 bottle can be opened if you purchased several in an order. Many consumers select the bulk order because of its free shipping option, making this guarantee a great safety net for new customers.

Can I Buy It in Local Stores?

It appears MetaLash is strictly an online product at this point. The manufacturer may be keeping costs down by not distributing it.

However, this limited-purchase idea may be a red flag. If the product is questionable, the manufacturer doesn’t want to deal with many local stores returning a product.

You must make the decision to buy and try MetaLash on your own terms. If it works for you, an online order every few months isn’t a hardship.

What about Side Effects?

The manufacturer claims there are no side effects because of the soothing ingredients. However, they go as far to say there’s no possibility of “dark spots to your eyelids.”

To be completely sure before your purchase, consult your doctor about the ingredients. There are no listed quantities for each ingredient, making it crucial to ask a professional’s opinion before using MetaLash. You may have an allergy to one of the smaller ingredients such as arginine.

With any new product, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about adding it to your beauty regimen. If you have sensitivities to certain substances, your doctor can quickly ascertain if you can use MetaLash safely.

Because no product reacts the same way for each user, you’d have to try MetaLash to truly see if it works for you. With only 1 positive published review, it’s up to you to make a determination about consistent use and successful lash growth.









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