Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For Review

When I was in college, I was constantly trying to be one of the guys. I could certainly drink like them but they were always trying to mess with me. I could get myself into quite a lot of trouble and often woke up thinking that the inebriated version of me had it out for the sober version of myself. One particular night ended up making me wish that I knew more then about eyebrow enhancers like Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For.

I guess since I have you curious, I should probably just spill the beans. I was always pretty good at darts but with a little whiskey, your ego can inflate quite a bit. I will just have to sum it up by giving this advice. Don’t put your eyebrows on the line if you can’t back them up by hitting 3 bull’s-eyes.

I went a good 2 months looking like someone that should be at home in bed or in a dark cave somewhere. You don’t have to be a whiskey idiot to need eyebrow enhancement. Aging can cause eyebrow loss and some people just naturally have less than satisfactory eyebrows. Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For claims to be able to help enhance the overall quality of your eyebrows.

Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For supposedly uses an effective formula to stimulate growth of thicker and darker eyebrow hairs. Take a look below at the ingredient quality to see what kind of proven components are included in the formula of Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredient quality is not overly impressive but there are some proven ingredients.

Vitamin A – This contains powerful antioxidants which are known to fight free radicals to preserve your cells which prevent signs of aging like hair loss. It stimulates the production of keratin which is an important protein for hair growth, flexibility and durability.

Panthenol – This ingredient is used because it helps enhance the flexibility and durability of your eyebrow hair. It coats the hair forming a moisture seal that helps prevents breakage and promotes growth. It also will help protect your skin from irritation by offering a soothing sensation.

Sodium Hyaluronate – This helps to moisturize and lubricate your eyebrow to prime it for the active ingredients that will promote hair growth.

Is Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For Safe?

Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For is safe and even offers ingredients to soothe and prevent irritation.

Does Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Overall Value

The overall value of Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For is good. It is currently on sale for $30 which is a 60% discount. The low sale price coupled with the money back guarantee further improve the overall value. Peter Thomas Roth Brows to Die For seems like a worthwhile eyebrow enhancer that could help you to achieve a more defined brow line.

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