RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator Review

Many women are in the market for products that will improve the appearance and health of their eyelashes. After years of torturing your lashes and yourself with crimping eyelash curlers or harsh mascaras, you deserve a product that will work to give you the long, full lashes you’ve been after.

RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator claims to contain a unique blend of physician formulated actives, peptides and vitamins that will stimulate your lashes. RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator claims to give you less lash breakage and healthier lashes.

RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator even claims to be great support for lash-extension users, protecting your lashes from breakage. If applied daily, RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator promises to have your eyelashes “popping” in just weeks.

RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator is made by Metics, a company that does not appear to have an official website. It is difficult to find through online retailers, as many of them say RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator is out of stock.

No application instructions could be found on RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator. The applicator appears to be similar to a liquid eyeliner brush, so we can assume that RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator is probably applied to the base of the lashline the same way you would apply eyeliner.

I did find RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator at one online retailer for $9.95. Judging by most of the customer reviews, RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator was an expensive product. This low price could be a steal, or it could be a sign that RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator is not a quality product.

Ingredient Quality

After a lot of research, I still was unable to uncover an ingredient list for RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator. It’s essential to know what ingredients eyelash enhancers contain. The ingredient list is the best way to assess an eyelash enhancer’s ability to improve the appearance, texture, and length of your eyelashes.

Most importantly, the ingredient list is the best indicator of an eyelash enhancer’s safety.

Is RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator Safe?

RenewLash EyeLash Stimulator may be safe, but without an ingredient list, it’s impossible to tell. A few customer reviews complained of discoloration around their eyes as well as redness and puffiness. Some customers said that the eye irritation disappeared after the first few weeks of use.

Does RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator does not appear to offer a money-back guarantee. The best eyelash enhancers not only deliver results, but those results are backed by guarantees. Customers should be wary of eyelash enhancers that lack a money-back policy.

Overall Value

For the low price of $9.95, RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator is not too big of an investment. There are many positive customer reviews online, which is a good sign.

However, trying RenewLash Eyelash Stimulator may be risky. Without ingredient information, there is no way of knowing if it contains quality clinically-proven ingredients that will stimulate eyelash growth and health without dangerous side effects.

The best eyelash enhancers have quality ingredients, are found at a reasonable price, and are backed by a money-back guarantee.

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