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While writing is one art form that I thoroughly enjoy, I get my main kicks from the making and firing of pottery. Ceramicists fire their pottery in large ovens that are called kilns. One of my biggest joys in life is the point at which you open the kiln door to see how all of your hard work has come out.

However, the kiln needs to cool down enough before you open the door or else all of your work will break instantly. For impatient potters like me, there is a way to peek through small windows in the kiln door.

One morning I was especially anxious to take a peek at my work and opened the window with my eyes ready to fall upon the shining glazes of my pots. Instead what I got was an eyeful of fire air. I instantly smelt burning hair and my eyes felt like they were certainly damaged. Fortunately, I was not hurt but I burnt my eyelashes to a crisp. For foolish potters and fire bugs like me, RevitaLash is a great way to regain your lost lashes.

Whether you have damaged your eyelashes or they are just naturally short and brittle, RevitaLash can help you to accelerate the growing process as well as provide a thickness and luster that is beautiful. Take a look at the ingredient quality below to get a better idea about exactly what kind of benefits this best eyelash enhancer can offer you.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients in RevitaLash will help you to grow longer and thicker lashes. The formula is pretty simple. Here are some of the main ingredient highlights that RevitaLash has to offer.

Sodium Chloride – This ingredient helps to reduce swelling and acts as an anti-inflammatory for the cornea which can be a problem for specific eye conditions.

Panthenol – This is used to protect and seal the eyelash. It locks in moisture which helps it to be more flexible and durable while allowing your lash to appear thicker. It also helps to soothe and keeps your skin from being irritated.

Chlorphenesin – This is commonly used in cosmetics for the anti-bacterial qualities.

Disodium Phosphate – This ingredient will provide a thickness to your lashes.

Phenoxyethanol – This works as an anti-bacterial to keep you eyelid and eyelashes clean and bacteria free.

Is RevitaLash Safe?

RevitaLash is safe but the ingredient of Chlorphenesin may come with some irritation.

Does RevitaLash Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

RevitaLash is not sold directly from Athena Cosmetics. For this reason, you are subject to the return policy of whatever vendor you choose.

Overall Value

The overall value of RevitaLash is fantastic. You will see results in just 3 weeks which is less than half of the time that other eyelash enhancers take. RevitaLash has a strong ingredient profile that will provide you with thick and full lashes.

You can find RevitaLash for somewhere between $78-$98 . For a best eyelash enhancer like RevitaLash that will work in just 3 weeks, the price is more than reasonable.

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