Talika Lipocils Expert Review

Body language is a very large part of how we communicate with each other. Eye contact is one of the most important components of body language. You can tell a lot about someone by what kind of eye contact they offer. If you are self conscious about the way your eyes or eyelashes look, you probably will be sending signals that people have trouble interpreting.

Confidence is is most easily translated through the eyes and Lipocils Expert wants to help you to feel good about the way your peepers look. Lipocils Expert wants to help reduce brittleness and increase fullness and color of your eyelashes.

Lipocils Expert sites and provides some independent studies that have been done on this eyelash enhancer. The studies have shown that Lipocils Expert improves the overall appearance of your eyelashes. The study shows that your eyelash length and color will appear to be longer and stronger. However, this is not the same as actually lengthening your eyelashes or deepening the color.

Any normal mascara can change the appearance of your eyelashes. To find out what makes Lipocils Expert unique and specifically effective we should take a look at the ingredient quality.

Ingredient Quality

Lipocils Expert does not list their ingredients on the official website. This makes it very difficult for us to figure out whether or not this eyelash enhancer is worth the price. However, with a little bit of digging I was able uncover some of the ingredients in Lipocils Expert.

Extracts of nettle, hamamelis, and apple offer to help grow your lashes while Silk Proteins and Polymers aim to help enhance the curl. Coleus Forskohlii is intended to help improve the pigmentation of your lashes so they will appear darker and thicker.

Is Lipocils Expert Safe?

Lipocils Expert claims that it is safe and all natural but without the ingredients we can not know for sure. Many people have allergic reactions to certain beauty products and it is irresponsible for Lipocils Expert to leave the ingredient information out of the picture.

Does Lipocils Expert Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Lipocils Expert does not offer a money back guarantee. An eyelash enhancer the cost $55 should provide some insurance for it’s customers. If Lipocils Expert is not willing to put their money where their mouth is, I am not sure that you should trust in their claims.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of Lipocils Expert is not very high. There is really no reason for us to believe that this eyelash enhancer is anything more than mascara.The ingredients are not disclosed. This is more often than not a deliberate attempt to keep the customer in the dark about what kind of quality they are getting.

There is also no money back guarantee which could help Lipocils Expert’s case. If they were willing to refund your money, there would be more incentive to believe their claims.

The only real reasoning that they offer is a study that comes up with the conclusion that Lipocils Expert will improve the overall appearance of your eyelashes. This is not the same as changing the actual quality of your eyelashes. Without the ingredient information, we can only speculate that the language of the studies are literal.

I suggest looking for another eyelash enhancer that discloses all the ingredient information and offers a solid money back guarantee.

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